From small things...

When I was a little girl I would gather acorns and bring them home to my mother at the end of the day.  She received them in the same spirit as they were given; as tiny treasures, and she kept them in a beautiful box on her vanity.  The box  has since come into my possession, a treasure containing treasures.  Something inside me knew that there was something special about these little things - so often overlooked and crushed beneath careless feet.  I didn't actually know what they were then (I was three or four) but I gathered them up for the woman who filled my existence with love.

Thirty-three years later and I find myself marveling at the perfectly-formed acorn of a California Black Oak, found on a walk this past Autumn.  Of course, I know now what it is and that from the acorn comes the tree. I take this knowledge into myself deeply on the heels of a winter season that has been a season of intense shadow work and inner exploration.

It is the seed that grows the garden, the spark that builds the fire, the tiny Chickweed flower - often overlooked, but full of powerful healing properties and it is the acorn that grows into the mighty Oak tree.  From small things, greatness often comes.  I receive this medicine as the days grow longer and tiny bits of new life begin bursting forth all around me.  I meditate on it now and remind myself in the moments when I feel small.  

Feeling small often keeps me from putting pen to paper - or when I do, from sharing the words with other eyes.  But more and more I feel compelled to.  I feel the urge to hold out my hand to anyone who may want or need to take it - for anyone who may be feeling small.  It is never too late.  You are exactly where you need to be in this moment.  

What great thing are you growing into?