Do Unto Others

What can I ever hope to add to this earthly experience that is novel or distinct, but than to catalog the woe and mystique that a sweltering Southern upbringing can conjure.

There is blood in these hills and the land has been worked and reworked nigh unto death on the backs of the broken. Still she provides for her children and delights at those with a gentle touch and a kind word of gratitude for all she offers.
We are returning, one by one, to the way of reciprocal living..
Pray it be before the madmen have their chance to burn us all up with their fire and their fury, and their endless greed for money and power and profits from this war.. Or that.

Fought somewhere over there.. And here?

They say they pray to Jesus.

What good is your place in Paradise when your children and their children are left with naught but rubble and ash?

Do unto others.