Masonic 9.28.17

I have a love of exploring and photographing abandoned places.  They are unintentional time capsules, left to be reclaimed by the land. It is always fascinating for me to discover what was deemed unimportant - or simply forgotten - and left behind.  There is a creepiness factor that gets my blood pumping as I usually prefer to explore these places alone and it's impossible not to play the scene of any horror flick in my head and wonder if there's a psycho killer waiting to grab poor, unsuspecting me. 

The Masonic Ruins of the Eastern Sierra have a creep factor of about 9 out of a possible 10.  They are rumored to be haunted and my day-trip there back early October made me a believer.  From an already remote location, I drove a further 15 miles on very rough back dirt road to arrive and find that my dog and I were the only ones there.  I approached slowly and the breeze blew the main structure in a way that created a cacophony of creaks and occasional bangs.  I almost turned around and left.  For real.  I was walking back to the car thinking 'never was there a more perfect place for the psycho killer to lie in wait'. But in the end I pushed through the nerves (read: I put my knife in a more accessible place) and had a glorious day there on the mountainside with my dog, my cameras and the ghosts of another time.  Highly recommended, if you're into that sort of thing. πŸ˜‰